Humans and HavocEdit

HnH is a homebrew rule set based on DnD 5e¹ for a more human centric world set. It expands on skill advancement and usage.

Whats Different?Edit

All races, feats, spells, items, and creatures. The base rules are identical unless otherwise noted.

Getting StartedEdit


+3 Choose, max 1 each

+1 Choose, feat

+2 Str, 1 Choose

+2 Dex, 1 Choose

+2 Int, 1 Choose

+2 Wis, 1 Choose

+Int, Wis, 1 Choose

+2 Cha, 1 Choose

+2 Con, 1 Choose

+Con, 2 Choose

¹ Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons

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